Friday, July 4, 2014

Top 5 Books For 4th Of July

Top 5 Books For 4th Of July

It's that time of the year again to celebrate our independence day. As that stripes and stars dance in the air, our hearts will be reminded again why we love to be Americans. 

But we are not only Americans; we are American book nerds. Yes, we will celebrate this 4th of July with fireworks. However, our celebration will not be complete without books. 

Here are the top 5 books which are perfect for 4th of July.

(Click the links below the pictures to see the book in  


After seeing the picture, for those who know the book, I know people are now rolling their eyes. I chose this book because of the main character's name-- America Singer. Nothing is more patriotic than naming yourself with the country you love. 


For other people, living in a dystopian world might be a living nightmare, but us book nerds want to experience it, because hey we want to that hero who will make that dystopian society a better place. America is a place of sacrifice and loyalty. Legend by ms. Marie Lu shows what it really means to be an american. 


Serving the country as a soldier can be the hardest task, but mr. Sparks shows that there is a happy life after that. Love for the country will make you a better person no matter how you choose to serve it, as long as you put your heart to it. The characters Logan Thibault and Keith Clayton will show you the different power of love for the country and the people in it. It just happens that one of those characters view love in a not so appealing way. 


There are many reasons why this book in on the top 2: 
  1. The main character's name is Honor 
  2. Her brother is a US marine 
  3. It's a road trip novel-- exploring USA 
Other than it is written by ms. Jessi Kirby, this book will show us the sides of life and death-- both sides that are equally beautiful as long as we learn how to look at it. Us, Americans, offer our lives to achieve our dreams, but others fail to see why we have big sense of sacrifice for each other. This book will tell us why while it tugs our heartstrings.


What book is more perfect for 4th of July other than learning the history of America? This book shows our adventurous sides as americans while giving us bits of information of history. Mr. Rick Riordan will educate you from the very first page without boring you to death. And to be honest, my love for America have grown even more after reading this masterpiece. 


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