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After The Fault In Our Stars, What's Next?

What to Read Next After The Fault In Our Stars? 

The world seemed to stop after you flipped that last page of mr. John Green's The Fault In Our Stars. And starting a new book was not an option, because the world will never be the same again and nothing can be as beautiful as The Fault In Our Stars. That is completely normal.

After our The Fault In Our Stars hangover, it's time to find what to read next. Even though we are open to read more books now, a part of our hearts are whispering that we want to read a book similar to The Fault In Our Stars

I compiled the top 5 books that will tug your heartstrings like The Fault In Our Stars. (P.S all this book made me cry rivers of tears)


What Is The Book About:
August has been homeschooled his entire life because he was born with facial deformity. When he reaches 5th grade, his mother can no longer homeschool him, so he attends Beecher prep. August only wants to blend in, but even the most mundane activity in school, like drinking from a water fountain, makes August the center of attention because of his condition. 

Compared To The Fault In Our Stars:
Like Hazel, August is being hindered by the condition of their bodies. The Fault In Our Stars deserves a standing ovation by showing us the the simplest things we take for granted everyday. Wonder will offer you the same thing. Hazel wants to live like a normal teen. August wants to live like a normal kid. Both of them will show how strong they are by solely existing and being inspirations to people around them. 


What Is The Book About:
Colie used to be overweight, but after all the hard work, she is gifted with the body that all the girls have ever dreamed of. However, she is still living inside her shell of insecurity. For the summer, Colie will spend time with her aunt Mira who has a strange love for objects with small imperfections. And then she meets Morgan and Isabel after taking a summer job. Will Colie find a way to break out of her shell or be the girl who will always find the flaws of life?

Compared To The Fault In Our Stars
I always tell everyone that if they love mr. John Green, they will love ms. Sarah Dessen, because even though they have different writing styles, when it comes to character development, both of them deserve awards. Keeping The Moon deals with flaws of life and how to live with it. That is exactly how mr. Green gives us Hazel and Augustus. Despite their cancers, they fight through life like there is nothing that can stop them. Keeping The Moon deals with the same issue even though the main character, Colie, is not suffering from cancer, but she has this insecurity that is eating her like cancer cells.    


What Is The Book About:
The story follows Anna. She leaves her friends and life behind after her father accepts a job transfer for the summer. They are going to live on the beach where her mother committed suicide when she was only a little girl. As she enjoys life on the beach, she discovers family secrets that will free her from the burden that she's been carrying all along, but will Anna accept it or just let it drown to the ocean? 

Compared To The Fault In Our Stars:
The book might not be as witty as The Fault In Our Stars, but this book excels when it comes to symbolism that I know you will find as smart as mr. Green's used of witty dialogues. Ms. Kirby will push you to the realm full of characters that is unique and very alive like Isaac, Peter Van Houten, the Lancasters, and Waters. 


What Is The Book About: 
Taylor's father is diagnosed with cancer, her father's last wish is to have some family time at their old lake house in the Pocono Mountains. Taylor used to live there as a young girl. She thinks all the people whom she has left behind has all moved on, but she is wrong-- her former best friend that now hates her guts, a boy whom she get her first heartbreak are all still there. Will Taylor take advantage of her second chance summer especially that time is running out? 

Compared To The Fault In Our Stars
All the elements that made you fall in love with The Fault In Our Stars are all here-- character development, wit, tearjerker quotes, and so on. Taylor is not sick like Hazel, but they are both haunted by the idea that their lives will never move forward again. They are both given second chances; their approach with these chances are different, yet it will surely strum your heart. 


What This Book Is About: 
Jamie Sullivan is a kind of student that you wonder what kind of social life they have-- she is very religious, introvert, helps orphans on her free time, and so on. Then mr. Popular, Landon Carter enters the scene. "They have nothing in common but they have a lot to learn from each other" (credit to the movie trailer). One twist of fate forces them together to spend a lot of time. But as they notice their differences, they are more drawn to each other. 

Compared To The Fault In Our Stars
Mr. Nicholas Sparks and mr. John Green are different from each other. A lot of people say, especially people of my age, that The Fault In Our Stars is just another version of A Walk To Remember. Mr. Green says the idea of a star-crossed lovers has compelled him to write The Fault In Our Stars. Mr. Green succeeds in writing star-crossed lover in the contemporary world. Mr. Sparks also succeeds by writing a love story between an introvert and the popular guy. A Walk To Remember is like a combination of The Fault In Our Stars and ms. Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor & Park. After reading A Walk To Remember, I assure you how much it will remind you of The Fault In Our Stars

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