Tuesday, June 3, 2014

YA But Not So YA?

Let's Learn Some Book Nerd Lingo: 

  • JUV - Children's Books (Books for toddlers to young independent readers) 
  • CB - Chapter Books (Books for 5 to 7yrs old readers)
  • MG - Middle Graders' Books (Books for 7 to 12yrs old readers)
  • NA - New Adult (Books for readers in their 20's)  
And then of course there is... 
  • YA - Young Adult or Teen Books 
Now that we've learned some words, what makes a YA book a YA book?
A novel becomes YA when the main characters are between the age of 13 to 18yrs old (sometimes just 12 to 17)

But why do these books not in the YA shelf in most bookstores? 
I know bookstores have no control in this; it's the head of the company that tells them what books belong in this shelf and that shelf (except if they make their own local store list, but even though they make their own local store list, it is mandatory that the home shelf of the books is where the head tells them to). 

By looking at it, it seems like there's some labeling happening. I don't mean it in a way that the labeling is similar to racial discrimination and such as. 

Mr. Nicholas Sparks is a well known adult romance writer. And for sure, mr. Sparks has avid followers that would buy his books the moment they hit the shelves. If mr. Sparks writes a YA book, his readers will still rush to their local bookstore and immediately find themselves standing in fiction section along the authors whose surnames start with the letter S. 

Ms. J.K Rowling is the biggest exception. She writes Children's books (yes, guys, the Harry Potter series is a JUV book), so when she releases a new book (Casual Vacancy), judging by the cover, children know the book is not for them. Children know when a book is not for them, but it is a different story for us YA readers. We can read JUV, YA, NA and there's no age limit for us. This is the age that we can read anything that we want.  

No matter where YA books are shelved, we bookworms will always recognize if a book is whether YA or not. We have trained eyes! 

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