Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Why Book Nerd Parties Are Better Than Any Party

Meeting Ms. Leigh Bardugo 

The most common stereotypes to us nerds are:
  • We are all antisocial 
  • We don't know how to have fun without using books 
  • We'd rather read than party (although I think this one is true
But Ms. Leigh Bardugo's Ruin And Rising party event held at The Last Bookstore (downtown LA) yesterday, June 16, 2014, proves that the stereotypes are wrong. or most stereotypes... 

We Might Be Antisocial, BUT... 
the party proves we love socializing with our fellow book nerds. How many times have we made YA references in our daily lives and our friends and relatives do not seem to get them? But during the party we love talking that we know the mystery why Ms. Morgan Matson and Ms. Katie Finn were never seen in the same room before. We share OTPs. We jump like crazy clowns when we mention that Ms. Marie Lu's The Young Elites is coming out this October 7. In other words, that party surrounds us with people who understands us. 

We Might Be Clueless On How To Have Fun Without Books, BUT... 
We figured out in the party that running around the labyrinth area of the bookstore made us feel like Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. And author spotting is better than stargazing. I sang "Conceal. Don't feel," when I saw authors of Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children and Shatter Me, Mr. Ransom Riggs and Ms. Tahereh Mafi. And I can't help but say how adorable the two of them look together. 

We'd Rather Read Than Party, BUT... 
We love reading than attending party with silly beer pong games and people who seriously need some help about their hookah intakes, but if it is a party full of famous authors, had an amazing photo booth, book signing, CHOCOLATE BACON BROWNIES, and fellow book bloggers like Sara aka whatanerdgirlsays.com , it is a very memorable night. 

It is my first time to attend a book launch party 

I know I will attend more, because the experience is just one of a kind. 

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