Thursday, June 5, 2014

Top 10 YA and MG book covers.

Best YA/MG Book Covers 

Short notes before we start the countdown: 
  1. I've chosen only the books that I own. 
  2. My process of choosing them is I wrote all the covers that I I like in no particular order and eliminate them one by one until I get to 10 left. 
  3. I am not following any criteria. This countdown is purely my opinion, and I will tell why I've chosen each of those books.
  4. And yes the countdown starts from good to the very best.  

Let The Countdown Begin: 

Lock And Key by ms. Sarah Dessen 
I've always been fascinated by keys, especially if they are in a necklace. I love the appeal of this book. It's very contemporary; just by looking at it you can tell that it is a love story without any sugarcoating-- and that is how ms. Dessen writes. 

Wonder by ms. R.J. Palacio
I chose the Barnes & Noble exclusive edition, because I love the background. It represents all the characters inside the book. The illustration of the cover is very simple, but I am telling you right now that the cover captures all the essence of this marvelous book.

 Openly Straight by mr. Bill Konigsberg
The moment I lay my eyes on this book, I knew I needed to buy it. I love just how unique it is. The use of emoticon makes this book very adorable. 

The House Of Hades by mr. Rick Riordan
If this list is about epicness and awesomeness, this book would definitely the #1 book. Still it is a mind blowing book cover! From top to the bottom, the illustrator made sure that everything has its own meaning. 

Golden by ms. Jessi Kirby
This book is a treasure! Every side and angle of it will show you how shiny it is. The simplicity of the typography will make you fall in love instantly. I think this book is one of my books with eye catching spine. 

To All The Boys I've Loved Before by ms. Jenny Han
The model is cute. The sharpie written title is smart. The room is genuine. What can I say more? 

The Winner's Curse by ms. Marie Rutkoski
If you were to ask me what is the book cover that is very daring. This book will be my answer. They took a risk of writing the book all over and sideways on the jacket. The model holding the letter R is just plain smart. The color is popping, and it promises action and girl power. 

Beautiful Redemption by ms. Kami Garcia and ms. Margaret Stohl
Even though the background is just a spiral staircase, It is very obvious that this eye catching typography was given a lot of thought. Even without the staircase, this book cover will shine. It's full of magic and promise. 

Anna And The French Kiss by ms. Stephanie Perkins
What chick-lit book covers always neglect is that the book might also be loved by guy fans (ahem. like me. ahem), so the challenge they need to face is to make the cover romantic yet gender neutral. And this cover passes that challenge with flying colors. 

The Nethergrim by mr. Matthew Jobin
Magic: √ Darknes: √ Awesome vines wrapping around the most awesome typography: √. If this book cover is a real life guy, he would be a heartbreaker. Look how goodlooking it is. It manages to give a dark feeling while saying how colorful the world is going to be. 

This countdown can change anytime, so be sure to keep checking my blog. 

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