Friday, June 6, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars Movie Review

The Fault In Our Stars Movie

As a movie: 
It is never easy to see a book to movie adaptation as just a movie itself, if you have read the book. But this is a very easy job for me if I love the book and the movie is terrible. In short, I love the movie. Every aspect of it is made to perfection. The narration of Hazel and the texting still gives it a bit flavor that it is a YA movie even though the dialogue will sometimes make you think that the words are sugar coated. The pace of the scenes develop Hazel and Augustus as characters, and their struggles are portrayed in the most magnificent way ever. 

Faithfulness To The Book: 92%  
The movie is about 2hr and 6min long, and I don't care if the movie is 5 days long as long as it will remain as faithful to the book as possible. It is merely impossible to stay 100% faithful to the book, but us readers have only one wish-- Don't. Change. Anything. This movie passes that test with flying colors. I know some scenes are cut, but it deeply follows the flow of the book. The dialogues are ultimately followed word by word. The delivery of each characters will make you beg for more. 

Favorite Scene: 
When I heard the news that The Fault In Our Stars was going to be a movie, I said one thing, "I hope they include the gas station scene." They did not disappoint me. And Kudos to Ansel Elgort. That boy has talent; an award with his name engraved on it is waiting for him. 


Read Before Watch? 
I always read the book before watching the movie. But I must say that to make the fun double in this movie, you must read it first. 

Final Score: 
10 out of 10 stars. 
Do yourself a favor and watch it. NOW! 

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