Friday, June 13, 2014

Lauren Oliver's Delirium Available on Hulu

Delirium Trilogy Will Air on Hulu 

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If yes, then you probably already know that ms. Lauren Oliver's Delirium trilogy will air on Hulu this coming June 20, Friday. 

Last year, on Festival Of Books, ms. Oliver proudly announced that the pilot episode of the series would be available soon, yet the fans' excitement was instantly killed when the news that Fox did not accept Delirium as their next new TV show, leading some fans to believe that the adaptation might be really bad to get rejected especially if it contains a concept as unique as Delirium's.  

The unedited version of the pilot episode leaked online, leading fans to see that the adaptation was not bad at all. The fans of the trilogy went on a high protest on Facebook and Twitter so Delirium would get its chance to be on national television. 

Today, June 13, Epic Reads has told fans that all their sweat, blood, and tears have finally paid off. Hulu will air Delirium for a limited time only starting June 20. 

For those of you who don't know what Delirium is all about, Click Here
Just watch this trailer. 


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