Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cover That Repels Readers

"Do Not Judge A Book By Its Cover

Our ears might have been tired from hearing that all the time. And yet many people are still judging books by their covers. 
Is it a bad thing? 
I must say no. It's okay to judge books by their covers. There are people out there that make book covers for a living. If books are not being judged by their covers these book cover designers will not strive to put books with beautiful covers on our shelves. 

Right now, I might look like the most evil villain by saying it is okay to judge books by their covers, but let me explain first; as a book collector, I want to make my shelf the most beautiful shelf out there, but there are many times that my judgment to a book has been completely wrong. 

If you remember from my previous post called "unmatching book covers", I explained that I have a special story about the covers of Anna And The French Kiss by ms. Stephanie Perkins

Last summer, my book club put Anna And The French Kiss on our reading mission. As a user, I look what that book is all about, and this is the cover I see: 
The book looks super sweet it is oozing sugar. I was totally repelled to read it. I thought it was the kind of book that you could only buy on a gas station, and only desperate people trying to kill time because of a long commute are the only buyers of this book. 

My book club has only one rule during a reading mission; finish the book or you have to treat all the members who finish it lunch. I have never failed a mission! As a good member (or maybe a member with a skyscraper pride), I checked Anna And The French Kiss out from the library. 

What happened next? 
After 5 chapters, I returned the book to the library... 
and I rushed to the nearest bookstore to buy my own copy. 
It is funny, sweet, and will make you swoon like crazy! 
I love it. I ended up reading the second book, Lola And The Boy Next Door
I am one of Ms. Perkins' biggest fans now. 

You see, I judge books by their covers, but to put it mildly, I will use a quote from a book I just read (and by the way, totally adored). 

"All books are judged by their covers until they are read." 

While reading that, I know you find yourself nodding. You see, nothing is wrong judging a book by its cover, but if you find the title cool, give the book a little chance by at least reading its synopsis. 

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