Sunday, June 8, 2014

Book Nerd Gift Dilemma

People have the tendency to think that book lovers are the easiest people to give gifts to. 
But your friends would disagree. 

would they really? 

As bookworms, majority of the gifts we receive during Christmas, birthday, etc are either gift cards or books. 

I am not gonna generalize, because even though we are bookworms, we are still unique from each other.  

But I know this one thing; true friends will never ever give you gift cards. True friends know what kind of book have you read, and what you're planning to read in the future. They also know the books that you're waiting for to come out.

The just friends know that you read a lot, but they probably don't know what kind of genre you love. They are afraid that you've read what they are planning to give you.  

Let me share this story with you. 
A couple of days before my birthday last year. I love giving myself a gift (it doesn't matter what the occasion is). I've been eyeing ms. Jessi Kirby's novel, Golden. I just got out of work. I would not get my pay check until 2 or 3 days. I gave Barnes & Noble a call if they had the book. I was replied with a bright yes with the bookseller, he even mentioned how lucky I was because there was only 1 left in stock. As part of protocol, they put me on hold before they searched for the book. When the line clicked back in, the bookseller's voice became gloomy. He could not find the book. He explained it might be an inventory error. I put the phone down with all the energy drained out of me. 

A couple of days later, the shiny golden book was still not on my shelf. I received a lot of gift cards. I thought that's all I would get, but my fellow bookworm friend, Des, sent me a text message if she could meet me. Of course, I said yes. She gave me my gift. With trained eyes, I knew it was a hardbound book. Upon tearing the gift wrap, I knew what the gift was. Judging by its glistening dust jacket. I knew it was Golden by ms. Jessi Kirby. 

I asked her where she got it. She said it was from Barnes & Noble. She had been holding it the entire time inside the store while I was talking to that bookseller. 

From then, I knew I owe Des a lot of books. Whenever I have extra money or I would attend a book signing, I always try to give her a copy. 

What do you think? 
Do your friends really know you if they give you a book? 
And are they playing safe with gift cards? 

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