Monday, June 30, 2014

5 Stages Of Book Hangover

5 Stages Of Book Hangover 

You know that feeling you have in your chest after you finish the most awesome book series ever? After returning that last series installment to your bookshelf, it feels like a giant hole is punched to your chest, leaving a void that no one could neither understand nor fill?
That can only mean one thing-- you are experiencing a Book Hangover

Like grief, book hangover has 5 stages as well: 

1. Denial

 It's not over yet, is it?

The Mortal Instruments Series used to be a trilogy. Now it's a series. The Inheritance Trilogy became The Inheritance Cycle. Maybe the author is only playing a cruel trick on you.

If you find yourself with the same mentality, you are at the beginning of book hangover. Your brain is rejecting the idea that the characters and world that you have grown to love are no longer to be seen again. As a response, you might find yourself isolating yourself from the world. 

2. Anger 

The second stage will make you feel a spark of rage is inside you. What is that blog saying that another series is similar to the one you just finished? That is beyond ridiculous! Nothing will can be as good as that series! 

At this stage, you might find yourself, unable to look at your bookshelf, book recommendations from your friends will sound nothing but blah-blah-blah. 

3. Bargaining 

This is the stage that is full of if-onlys 
  • If only I read the book slower 
  • if only the author is not lazy enough to write another installment 
  • If only I started a new series instead of reading the last one. 
The truth is still hard to accept. You are bargaining of what could have postponed the truth. You might also find yourself visiting the author's twitter account and blog with the hopes of there is a deleted chapter that the author have posted.

4. Depression 

This is the stage where you start staring at your pile of books. You look at your favorite chapter and after a quick smile, a frown will follow. You will reminisce to the part from where your hero just discovered his ability to where he defeated the evil king. This might be the saddest and hardest stage, but this stage is where you will start to see the light. 

5. Acceptance 
"I should be reading, not mourning." 

Finally, you know that nothing can stop you from reading. You are now looking at your bookshelf like it is your best friend. You might also go to the bookstore, and the smile on your face is back like nothing ever happened. If you see that series on one of the shelves, you'll say "that's a good series," without a tone of bitterness. 

"When one book closes, thousands and thousand will welcome you with open arms." 


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