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5 Stages Of Book Hangover

5 Stages Of Book Hangover 

You know that feeling you have in your chest after you finish the most awesome book series ever? After returning that last series installment to your bookshelf, it feels like a giant hole is punched to your chest, leaving a void that no one could neither understand nor fill?
That can only mean one thing-- you are experiencing a Book Hangover

Like grief, book hangover has 5 stages as well: 

1. Denial

 It's not over yet, is it?

The Mortal Instruments Series used to be a trilogy. Now it's a series. The Inheritance Trilogy became The Inheritance Cycle. Maybe the author is only playing a cruel trick on you.

If you find yourself with the same mentality, you are at the beginning of book hangover. Your brain is rejecting the idea that the characters and world that you have grown to love are no longer to be seen again. As a response, you might find yourself isolating yourself from the world. 

2. Anger 

The second stage will make you feel a spark of rage is inside you. What is that blog saying that another series is similar to the one you just finished? That is beyond ridiculous! Nothing will can be as good as that series! 

At this stage, you might find yourself, unable to look at your bookshelf, book recommendations from your friends will sound nothing but blah-blah-blah. 

3. Bargaining 

This is the stage that is full of if-onlys 
  • If only I read the book slower 
  • if only the author is not lazy enough to write another installment 
  • If only I started a new series instead of reading the last one. 
The truth is still hard to accept. You are bargaining of what could have postponed the truth. You might also find yourself visiting the author's twitter account and blog with the hopes of there is a deleted chapter that the author have posted.

4. Depression 

This is the stage where you start staring at your pile of books. You look at your favorite chapter and after a quick smile, a frown will follow. You will reminisce to the part from where your hero just discovered his ability to where he defeated the evil king. This might be the saddest and hardest stage, but this stage is where you will start to see the light. 

5. Acceptance 
"I should be reading, not mourning." 

Finally, you know that nothing can stop you from reading. You are now looking at your bookshelf like it is your best friend. You might also go to the bookstore, and the smile on your face is back like nothing ever happened. If you see that series on one of the shelves, you'll say "that's a good series," without a tone of bitterness. 

"When one book closes, thousands and thousand will welcome you with open arms." 


Monday, June 23, 2014

7 Tips To Make Anyone Interested In Reading

7 Tips To Make Anyone Interested In Reading

How many times have we thought, I don't understand why (insert name here) doesn't like to read? At first, I had found it confusing too, but then I saw that quotation above. Whoever said that speaks with the tongue of an angel, because I have transformed some friends of mine who used to be full pledged book haters into book nerds. They just need to find their favorite books. Here are some tips to pull the hidden book nerd out of everyone. 

1. Show Them Your Bookshelves 

Bookshelves have that hypnotizing effect on everyone, because it shows our personalities. Our friends like us because of our personalities, and trust me your bookshelf can snag your friend too if you give it a little push.  

I know our books are very precious, but let your friend explore your bookshelf. Answer his questions or comment on what catches his eyes. Is he eyeing Eragon? Steelheart? or maybe Across The Universe? Then give him some fantasy/sci-fi recommendations. If he grabs a book, comment on how you like it, but give more words on how he will like it. Mention how it is similar to his favorite movie or show (if and only if the book is similar). And if you trust them enough, let them borrow your books; they can't be binge book buyers like us instantly, so don't be like "buy your own copy if you want to read that." You just put all your efforts to the drain if you say that. You might also end up with an angry friend and a discouraged almost book nerd.   

2. Take Them To The Bookstore / Library 

I have a friend who loves cosmetics. She loves taking me to Sephora, Mac, and other cosmetic stores. She talks what is a good bronzer for my skin and what kind of concealer I should use. The next thing I know I found myself interested in cosmetics. The same works for books.

Instead of going to the bookstore or library alone or with book nerds, take a friend. I know it is not an easy task but try saying "hangout in the library" instead of "go to the library" for it sounds more inviting and friendly. When inside the library or bookstore, don't walk straight to your favorite section. It will make your friend unwelcome. Nudge him with a, "let's go to the YA section. They have a book by Alex London called Proxy. I think you're gonna like that one. It's full of action like that show you watch every tuesday." This will welcome them and make them curious. And curiosity will make a spark to create a fire of love for books. 

And while browsing in the library/bookstore, apply what you've learned from tip #1. It's like a car, let them hold the steering wheel by letting them browse on their own, but guide them. Always, always, always as in always tell them how they will like the book. Don't drown them with your fandomness by squealing like a hyena when they ask you about Eleanor And Park

Note: The bookstore is perfect to get chapter samplers. And the library is the place to borrow books, especially if they are not ready to buy their own books yet. 

3. Start With MG (Middle Grade) Books 

There are 2 reasons why non-readers are repelled to the idea of reading: 
  1. They think it's hard to read and their imaginations don't work when it comes to books. 
  2. Reading takes a lot of time. 
Those are the main reasons why it is better to start with MG books. They are written to make anyone's imagination burst with colors. Not only that, the average length of MG books is 120pgs - 250pgs. Even the laziest reader can finish that book within 2 to 3 days. And if they say that it is insulting to read books for children, tell them how Harry Potter is loved by people of different ages. And if you love MG books, tell them that and why. If the spark of your love towards books is an MG book, inspire your friend by telling your story. Remember you can only be too young for a specific genre (erotic, romance, etc.), but you will never be too old to read books for children.

4. Read With Your Friend 

From the first 3 tips, I always say that recommend a book to your friend, but discovering a new favorite novel and author with him can be one of the most memorable events of your friendship. It might be the hardest tip, but I always use this, and it is the most effective method. Here are some ways to make it work: 
  1. When in the bookstore or library, select a book that you think both of you will love. It is even better if you will make your friend choose, or choose a book from an author that you know will not disappoint the both of you. If you are in a bookstore, don't be afraid to ask a bookseller for recommendations. Just don't forget to mention that your friend is a bookworm in training. 
  2. Or consider challenging yourselves; put a long deadline to finish the book, whoever fails to finish the book within the given deadline, will have a small punishment like treat the person who finish the book with lunch or coffee. If your friend is competitive, this is a good idea.   
Note: If he doesn't like the book you're reading, just let him know that people have different opinions. Don't contradict him if you like the book, ride with his opinions.

5. Treat Characters Like They Are Real By Asking For Updates 

We already know that books are magical and portals to other worlds. Your non-reader friend might have failed to see this that is why he is not into reading yet. There is a way to show him the wonders of reading. Ask updates like the characters are real. For example, you decide to read Eragon by sir Christoper Paolini

You: Hey, how's Eragon going? Any new adventures? 
Friend: Eragon just learn how to ride Saphira. 
You: That is dope, man. Have you met the leader of the freedom fighters? 
Friend: Not yet. 
You: I think you'll like him. He's interesting. 

As you see in that conversation, by starting to ask like Eragon is your next door neighbor, you open the door to the fantasy world. And your friend will start to read books that way that you do. In the conversation above, we even asked if our friend has "met" the leader of the freedom fighters. Keep treating characters like they are real. At first, your friend will think it's weird, but as time goes on, he'll follow your steps without even knowing it. 

6. Always Mention The Book Is Better Than The Movie

It is already a fact that Books Are Better Than Movies. Our non-readers friends do not know that yet. They believe that seeing the movie is the same as reading the book or, worse, much better than the book.

A way to fix it is to give them subtle clues. Because if you plan on screaming at their face that the movie will never be as perfect as the book, consider your efforts wasted. The better approach is if your drop things from the book that is not in the movie. For example, the movie The Fault In Our Stars is undoubtedly a movie full of class and finesse. However, did they mention why it is called The Fault In Our Stars? Only the book can answer that. 

Whining that the movie is not as faithful as the book will just make you an annoying brat in front of your friend. Try this better approach: 

Friend: That Divergent movie is awesome. 
You: The dauntless faction is full of backstabbers. My favorite part from the book is when someone made a cowardly move to Edward in the dark. That scene is kick-ass. 
Friend: I don't remember that in the movie. 
You: It's not in the movie. It's in the book. I was hoping they'd show it, because that would make you grip to your seat like crazy. 
Friend: Tell me what happened. 
You: Read it. You'll love it. It's a different feeling if you experience it from the page. Trust me, man, that scene will make you mad that it is not in the movie. 

With that approach, that will make your friend curious without being a pushy nerd. Remember, curiosity will create that spark. 
"One Spark Will Start A Fire." 

7. Invite Your Friend To Book Signings or Launch Parties 
Remember that band that you don't really like but now you listen to their songs like it's a religion because your friends took you to their live performance? 
You used to hate baseball with passion, but after watching it live with your dad, you see how beautiful it is. The same work for books. 

A party is a party. Take your friend, to a book launching of your favorite author. The experience of meeting a real life famous author will start a spark in their hearts. The event might be full of bookworms, but remember, passion is contagious. 

The stereotype too that we, bookworms, do not have social lives will be broken with our parties. I know there is a typical chapter reading, but our parties contain free food, free drinks, and lots and lots of freebies. 

Not all bookworms wear thick braces and framed glasses. There is a lot of attractive bookworms during signings and launch parties. And they know how to socialite. So invite them even if they don't know who the authors who are going to be in the event. After they enjoy the event, they will join you next time without you asking them. And the good side is he will read the book for the event, because he enjoys the company of people on the event. 

Books Mentioned: 




Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Why Book Nerd Parties Are Better Than Any Party

Meeting Ms. Leigh Bardugo 

The most common stereotypes to us nerds are:
  • We are all antisocial 
  • We don't know how to have fun without using books 
  • We'd rather read than party (although I think this one is true
But Ms. Leigh Bardugo's Ruin And Rising party event held at The Last Bookstore (downtown LA) yesterday, June 16, 2014, proves that the stereotypes are wrong. or most stereotypes... 

We Might Be Antisocial, BUT... 
the party proves we love socializing with our fellow book nerds. How many times have we made YA references in our daily lives and our friends and relatives do not seem to get them? But during the party we love talking that we know the mystery why Ms. Morgan Matson and Ms. Katie Finn were never seen in the same room before. We share OTPs. We jump like crazy clowns when we mention that Ms. Marie Lu's The Young Elites is coming out this October 7. In other words, that party surrounds us with people who understands us. 

We Might Be Clueless On How To Have Fun Without Books, BUT... 
We figured out in the party that running around the labyrinth area of the bookstore made us feel like Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. And author spotting is better than stargazing. I sang "Conceal. Don't feel," when I saw authors of Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children and Shatter Me, Mr. Ransom Riggs and Ms. Tahereh Mafi. And I can't help but say how adorable the two of them look together. 

We'd Rather Read Than Party, BUT... 
We love reading than attending party with silly beer pong games and people who seriously need some help about their hookah intakes, but if it is a party full of famous authors, had an amazing photo booth, book signing, CHOCOLATE BACON BROWNIES, and fellow book bloggers like Sara aka , it is a very memorable night. 

It is my first time to attend a book launch party 

I know I will attend more, because the experience is just one of a kind. 

Books Mentioned: 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lauren Oliver's Delirium Available on Hulu

Delirium Trilogy Will Air on Hulu 

Are you following Epic Reads on Facebook? 
If yes, then you probably already know that ms. Lauren Oliver's Delirium trilogy will air on Hulu this coming June 20, Friday. 

Last year, on Festival Of Books, ms. Oliver proudly announced that the pilot episode of the series would be available soon, yet the fans' excitement was instantly killed when the news that Fox did not accept Delirium as their next new TV show, leading some fans to believe that the adaptation might be really bad to get rejected especially if it contains a concept as unique as Delirium's.  

The unedited version of the pilot episode leaked online, leading fans to see that the adaptation was not bad at all. The fans of the trilogy went on a high protest on Facebook and Twitter so Delirium would get its chance to be on national television. 

Today, June 13, Epic Reads has told fans that all their sweat, blood, and tears have finally paid off. Hulu will air Delirium for a limited time only starting June 20. 

For those of you who don't know what Delirium is all about, Click Here
Just watch this trailer. 


5 Disadvantages of Too Much YA Movies

The Bad Side of Having Too Much YA Book To Movie Adaptations

Q: Who got excited when they announced John Green's The Fault In Our Stars would be a movie? 
A: Book nerds! 

Q: Who rushed to the nearest theater on the opening night of Veronica Roth's Divergent
A: Book nerds!

The argument that this is the YA Boom Era is over. That is more than a fact now, especially that YA books are dominating the theaters. However, despite our excitement that more and more YA books are transforming from page to screen, there are some disadvantages that might eventually turn to our little book nerd pet peeve. 

1. Our Own Little Book Nerd Secrets Will Be Revealed To Non-Readers 
We, book nerds, enjoy having our own little secrets. When we hate someone, we love calling them factionless, mundane, muggles, mortal. Their clueless face is a sign that we have won that argument. As book nerds, we have our own world. It's like having our own inside joke. 
Non-readers should not get this joke. Everyone is welcome to our bookworm world, but the ticket to get in is you should read the books that we love. But because of movies, it's like we are letting non-readers infiltrate our world. It's like having your secret club, but your secret password was revealed, and now people who don't even know the purpose of your club are acting like they've been members like forever. 

2. The Trending Hate 
Look at this conversation: 
Non-Reader: I hate Twilight! 
Book Nerd: Why? 
Non-Reader: Kirsten Stewart is like a -- 
Book Nerd: Don't judge a book by its movie. Tell me about the book. 
Non-Reader: I haven't read it. But I hate it. 

I know as a book nerd you've experienced this before and not only with the book Twilight by ms. Stephenie Meyer. Non-readers tend to think that they have read the book after they see the movie. What's worse is they think they have all the right to bash the author when in reality they haven't experienced her writing style or narratives. 

3. MTI Covers 
I am a book collector, and I love it when my books look beautiful on my shelves. But the thing is I don't like MTI covers. MTI means Movie Tie-In. The examples are the very first picture of this post. Don't get me wrong, I love some MTI covers. As a matter of fact, I happily bought John Green's The Fault In Our Stars in MTI. But I am sad to say that some are just not pleasing to the eyes. Why not just avoid them, right? I avoid them as mush as I can, but there are cases that you can't believe is a sad reality; 
This is the box set of the reprint edition of ms. Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy. The covers were plain beautiful, but let me show you how they look like outside the box. 
They are beautiful, but the first one is a big eyesore. To get the original cover, 
you need to buy it separately. My point here is not about too much spending money on books (I mean when did we say we spend too much on book?) We just don't want our bookshelves to be full of books with MTI covers. It is a bookshelf not a DVD or blu-ray shelf. We have a different area for that. 

4. That Annoying "Now A Major Motion Picture" Sticker
That small sticker (or sometimes they become part of the cover) is just an eyesore. I don't mind it from time to time, but, again, if all books are turning into movies, I will not be surprised if one day all the books have that annoying sticker. 

5. Book-Nerds Wanna Bes 
Have you seen a guy wearing a shirt with your favorite bnad's logo imprinted on it? After striking a conversation, he's clueless who the band is. 
When books become movies, the movie will do all the gimmicks they know to attract business. I know some people have seen The Fault In Our Stars without reading the book. It is totally fine. I love it that they choose to watch the movie, but just imagine seeing a guy wearing this: 
And he neither has read the book or seen the movie. Or worse, he has no idea what "Okay? Okay." is. 


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Book Nerd Gift Dilemma

People have the tendency to think that book lovers are the easiest people to give gifts to. 
But your friends would disagree. 

would they really? 

As bookworms, majority of the gifts we receive during Christmas, birthday, etc are either gift cards or books. 

I am not gonna generalize, because even though we are bookworms, we are still unique from each other.  

But I know this one thing; true friends will never ever give you gift cards. True friends know what kind of book have you read, and what you're planning to read in the future. They also know the books that you're waiting for to come out.

The just friends know that you read a lot, but they probably don't know what kind of genre you love. They are afraid that you've read what they are planning to give you.  

Let me share this story with you. 
A couple of days before my birthday last year. I love giving myself a gift (it doesn't matter what the occasion is). I've been eyeing ms. Jessi Kirby's novel, Golden. I just got out of work. I would not get my pay check until 2 or 3 days. I gave Barnes & Noble a call if they had the book. I was replied with a bright yes with the bookseller, he even mentioned how lucky I was because there was only 1 left in stock. As part of protocol, they put me on hold before they searched for the book. When the line clicked back in, the bookseller's voice became gloomy. He could not find the book. He explained it might be an inventory error. I put the phone down with all the energy drained out of me. 

A couple of days later, the shiny golden book was still not on my shelf. I received a lot of gift cards. I thought that's all I would get, but my fellow bookworm friend, Des, sent me a text message if she could meet me. Of course, I said yes. She gave me my gift. With trained eyes, I knew it was a hardbound book. Upon tearing the gift wrap, I knew what the gift was. Judging by its glistening dust jacket. I knew it was Golden by ms. Jessi Kirby. 

I asked her where she got it. She said it was from Barnes & Noble. She had been holding it the entire time inside the store while I was talking to that bookseller. 

From then, I knew I owe Des a lot of books. Whenever I have extra money or I would attend a book signing, I always try to give her a copy. 

What do you think? 
Do your friends really know you if they give you a book? 
And are they playing safe with gift cards? 

Books Mentioned: 

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars Movie Review

The Fault In Our Stars Movie

As a movie: 
It is never easy to see a book to movie adaptation as just a movie itself, if you have read the book. But this is a very easy job for me if I love the book and the movie is terrible. In short, I love the movie. Every aspect of it is made to perfection. The narration of Hazel and the texting still gives it a bit flavor that it is a YA movie even though the dialogue will sometimes make you think that the words are sugar coated. The pace of the scenes develop Hazel and Augustus as characters, and their struggles are portrayed in the most magnificent way ever. 

Faithfulness To The Book: 92%  
The movie is about 2hr and 6min long, and I don't care if the movie is 5 days long as long as it will remain as faithful to the book as possible. It is merely impossible to stay 100% faithful to the book, but us readers have only one wish-- Don't. Change. Anything. This movie passes that test with flying colors. I know some scenes are cut, but it deeply follows the flow of the book. The dialogues are ultimately followed word by word. The delivery of each characters will make you beg for more. 

Favorite Scene: 
When I heard the news that The Fault In Our Stars was going to be a movie, I said one thing, "I hope they include the gas station scene." They did not disappoint me. And Kudos to Ansel Elgort. That boy has talent; an award with his name engraved on it is waiting for him. 


Read Before Watch? 
I always read the book before watching the movie. But I must say that to make the fun double in this movie, you must read it first. 

Final Score: 
10 out of 10 stars. 
Do yourself a favor and watch it. NOW! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Book Giveaway #1 (CLOSE)

Win a Signed copy 
of Ms. Morgan Matson's 
Since You've Been Gone

(Open from June 5, 2014 to July 1, 2014)

How to win 2 in easy steps: 
  1. Visit my Goodreads (click here) account. Trust me you want to do this.
  2. Answer the form below completely (No Blanks) 
  • I will raffle all valid entries here on July 1, so everyone who enter have equal chances of winning regardless when they enter. In other words, you can still win even if you enter on the last day. The winner will be announced on July 2
  • Multiple entries will be void. You can only enter once!
  • All info you will provide will be 100% safe

Email (To reach you if you win):
How did you find my blog: Google
Other blog
Other (Specify below)
Other (Leave this blank if you did not check "other" above):
What's the book I am currently reading?

Top 10 YA and MG book covers.

Best YA/MG Book Covers 

Short notes before we start the countdown: 
  1. I've chosen only the books that I own. 
  2. My process of choosing them is I wrote all the covers that I I like in no particular order and eliminate them one by one until I get to 10 left. 
  3. I am not following any criteria. This countdown is purely my opinion, and I will tell why I've chosen each of those books.
  4. And yes the countdown starts from good to the very best.  

Let The Countdown Begin: 

Lock And Key by ms. Sarah Dessen 
I've always been fascinated by keys, especially if they are in a necklace. I love the appeal of this book. It's very contemporary; just by looking at it you can tell that it is a love story without any sugarcoating-- and that is how ms. Dessen writes. 

Wonder by ms. R.J. Palacio
I chose the Barnes & Noble exclusive edition, because I love the background. It represents all the characters inside the book. The illustration of the cover is very simple, but I am telling you right now that the cover captures all the essence of this marvelous book.

 Openly Straight by mr. Bill Konigsberg
The moment I lay my eyes on this book, I knew I needed to buy it. I love just how unique it is. The use of emoticon makes this book very adorable. 

The House Of Hades by mr. Rick Riordan
If this list is about epicness and awesomeness, this book would definitely the #1 book. Still it is a mind blowing book cover! From top to the bottom, the illustrator made sure that everything has its own meaning. 

Golden by ms. Jessi Kirby
This book is a treasure! Every side and angle of it will show you how shiny it is. The simplicity of the typography will make you fall in love instantly. I think this book is one of my books with eye catching spine. 

To All The Boys I've Loved Before by ms. Jenny Han
The model is cute. The sharpie written title is smart. The room is genuine. What can I say more? 

The Winner's Curse by ms. Marie Rutkoski
If you were to ask me what is the book cover that is very daring. This book will be my answer. They took a risk of writing the book all over and sideways on the jacket. The model holding the letter R is just plain smart. The color is popping, and it promises action and girl power. 

Beautiful Redemption by ms. Kami Garcia and ms. Margaret Stohl
Even though the background is just a spiral staircase, It is very obvious that this eye catching typography was given a lot of thought. Even without the staircase, this book cover will shine. It's full of magic and promise. 

Anna And The French Kiss by ms. Stephanie Perkins
What chick-lit book covers always neglect is that the book might also be loved by guy fans (ahem. like me. ahem), so the challenge they need to face is to make the cover romantic yet gender neutral. And this cover passes that challenge with flying colors. 

The Nethergrim by mr. Matthew Jobin
Magic: √ Darknes: √ Awesome vines wrapping around the most awesome typography: √. If this book cover is a real life guy, he would be a heartbreaker. Look how goodlooking it is. It manages to give a dark feeling while saying how colorful the world is going to be. 

This countdown can change anytime, so be sure to keep checking my blog. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mysterious Galaxy Trip

Like any other book signing event, I came prepared. I downloaded the map on how to get to Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore and how to get home (I don't drive). 

Despite the 2 hour commute, a smile spread on my lips as I lay my eyes on of the cutest bookstore I've ever seen. Even though I've seen ms. Joanna Philbin and ms. Morgan Matson before, my job the whole day was to conceal the fanboy inside me ready to explode. 

I've never met ms. Leila Howland, so I knew I was in for a treat. 

The event started. We were greeted by these lovely authors' smile. 
They talked about how the summer was the best setting for every story. Ms. Philbin mentioned that a story revolves if the main character would suffer. They continued talking on how creating a fictional boy close to reality. 

Ms. Howland became one of my favorite authors (even though I haven't read any of her books, but I think it's been a year that Nantucket Blue was in my To-Read List) when she talked about research. Ms. Howland mentioned that she went to Nantucket for the sake of research. It was one of her most expensive trips. She said that she spent all the time sniffing the air which made everyone burst into massive laughter. Ms. Howland was a character. She is someone I would love to hang out with. There was never a dull moment because of her. 

When signing time arrived, I felt guilty that I didn't any have books by Ms. Howland. But I promised myself that I would go to another signing that she's going to be in and I would make her sign all the books that I would buy. 

The night was coming to an end, and I really hated to say goodbye. Ms. Benway, author of Going Rogue was also there. Her book Emmy And Oliver will come out summer of 2015. 

Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore might not be the bookstore that you hear everyday, but visiting it would be one of the best choices you'll make in life. Also, make sure to stop by their YA section. They have massive books like Control by ms. Lydia Kang, Crewel by ms. Gennifer Albin, and such as. 

I'll be back to this store, because I know I will have another good time there.

Books mentioned: 

(The cover for Robin Benway's Emmy and Oliver is not available yet) 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

YA But Not So YA?

Let's Learn Some Book Nerd Lingo: 

  • JUV - Children's Books (Books for toddlers to young independent readers) 
  • CB - Chapter Books (Books for 5 to 7yrs old readers)
  • MG - Middle Graders' Books (Books for 7 to 12yrs old readers)
  • NA - New Adult (Books for readers in their 20's)  
And then of course there is... 
  • YA - Young Adult or Teen Books 
Now that we've learned some words, what makes a YA book a YA book?
A novel becomes YA when the main characters are between the age of 13 to 18yrs old (sometimes just 12 to 17)

But why do these books not in the YA shelf in most bookstores? 
I know bookstores have no control in this; it's the head of the company that tells them what books belong in this shelf and that shelf (except if they make their own local store list, but even though they make their own local store list, it is mandatory that the home shelf of the books is where the head tells them to). 

By looking at it, it seems like there's some labeling happening. I don't mean it in a way that the labeling is similar to racial discrimination and such as. 

Mr. Nicholas Sparks is a well known adult romance writer. And for sure, mr. Sparks has avid followers that would buy his books the moment they hit the shelves. If mr. Sparks writes a YA book, his readers will still rush to their local bookstore and immediately find themselves standing in fiction section along the authors whose surnames start with the letter S. 

Ms. J.K Rowling is the biggest exception. She writes Children's books (yes, guys, the Harry Potter series is a JUV book), so when she releases a new book (Casual Vacancy), judging by the cover, children know the book is not for them. Children know when a book is not for them, but it is a different story for us YA readers. We can read JUV, YA, NA and there's no age limit for us. This is the age that we can read anything that we want.  

No matter where YA books are shelved, we bookworms will always recognize if a book is whether YA or not. We have trained eyes! 

Books Mentioned: 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cover That Repels Readers

"Do Not Judge A Book By Its Cover

Our ears might have been tired from hearing that all the time. And yet many people are still judging books by their covers. 
Is it a bad thing? 
I must say no. It's okay to judge books by their covers. There are people out there that make book covers for a living. If books are not being judged by their covers these book cover designers will not strive to put books with beautiful covers on our shelves. 

Right now, I might look like the most evil villain by saying it is okay to judge books by their covers, but let me explain first; as a book collector, I want to make my shelf the most beautiful shelf out there, but there are many times that my judgment to a book has been completely wrong. 

If you remember from my previous post called "unmatching book covers", I explained that I have a special story about the covers of Anna And The French Kiss by ms. Stephanie Perkins

Last summer, my book club put Anna And The French Kiss on our reading mission. As a user, I look what that book is all about, and this is the cover I see: 
The book looks super sweet it is oozing sugar. I was totally repelled to read it. I thought it was the kind of book that you could only buy on a gas station, and only desperate people trying to kill time because of a long commute are the only buyers of this book. 

My book club has only one rule during a reading mission; finish the book or you have to treat all the members who finish it lunch. I have never failed a mission! As a good member (or maybe a member with a skyscraper pride), I checked Anna And The French Kiss out from the library. 

What happened next? 
After 5 chapters, I returned the book to the library... 
and I rushed to the nearest bookstore to buy my own copy. 
It is funny, sweet, and will make you swoon like crazy! 
I love it. I ended up reading the second book, Lola And The Boy Next Door
I am one of Ms. Perkins' biggest fans now. 

You see, I judge books by their covers, but to put it mildly, I will use a quote from a book I just read (and by the way, totally adored). 

"All books are judged by their covers until they are read." 

While reading that, I know you find yourself nodding. You see, nothing is wrong judging a book by its cover, but if you find the title cool, give the book a little chance by at least reading its synopsis. 

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