Monday, May 5, 2014

The Debut Dilemma

John Green is well known for his witty and dramatic novels.
Sarah Dessen for artistic symbolism and character development.
Rick Riordan for his breathtaking action scenes and cliffhangers. 

So I guess it is only normal for me to plan what I want to be known for. Do I like to be the next J.K Rowling who would fill the JUV genre with magic? Or do I want to be like Stephanie Perkins who will create candy form novels?

I have become so obsesses of what kind of image I want to project inside the literary world that I forgot what the secret of writing is all about. Writing is a really painful job, but creating the characters and the world inside your mind is the best part of being a writer. Above are the book covers of my first two novels on (click to see my profile). Those are two Contemporary YA novels, and I would really love to be known for being a Contemporary YA novelist. I would etch that oath to my brain to the point that I have forgotten that I have novel ideas for YA Action & Adventure genre, fantasy, dystopia, and so much more.

But what I have realize is no matter how hard writing is, it is the love that will make you stay forever. It is not the kind of job that will make me rich, but I am dreaming and reaching for it like it would give me fortune larger than Bill Gate or Steve Jobs could handle.

PS: My full name is Kurt Kevin Regis. I used to use Kevin as my author name, but now I am shifting to Kurt.

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Spotlight On The Lake

Casey, a 16-year-old girl who believes that there is nothing more beautiful than the night sky. Astronomy and science have always been the content of her heart. Before boarding the plane to spend the summer with her mother and Paul, her mom's new husband, Casey's fortune is told by a friendly psychic, Maurice. The prediction is the name of Casey's soul-mate starts with the letter "C" and contains the letter "L." Being the science girl that she has been, Casey shrugs the prediction. But after arriving in North Carolina, the last thing she wants to see is a tree with "Casey + Colby 4ever" inside a heart shape sign engraved on it. As time flies by, she is compelled to find Colby and prove Maurice is wrong, but on the process there are lessons that will make Casey see the beauty of life without using her telescope.

Songs For Ali (Coming Soon on June 1st)

16-year-old Ali is living the dream-- She's the girlfriend of the dreamy pop star Caleb. What everyone doesn't know this is just a one year contract to save Caleb's falling career. And behind the camera Caleb and Ali are mortal enemies. Could the on-screen lovers set aside their hate for each other and deliver genuine photos for the public? Or would they ruin each other in front of the whole world?

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